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We do not accept credit cards over the phone, please call or email us @

VISITING BERMUDA? Want total independence? Rent a self-drive boat and find seclusion, romance and adventure! Snorkel, picnic on an island beach, visit a shipwreck, feed the fish, pass under Somerset drawbridge, and explore spectacular west-end coastlines all at your own pace!! It’s what WE do for fun on our days pontooon2off! We know all the best spots for each activity through years of extensive ‘personal research’ and will go to great lengths to see that you don’t miss anything un-missable! Our foam cored pontoon boats are simple to operate and you’ll receive full instruction, and advice on where to go and what to do, with an easy to follow map to guide you to the best boating and snorkeling locations. Our boat rentals all have canopies and are equipped with such extras as an emergency-use cell phone, a cooler (ice available at cost price), dry storage bags and swim noodles.

OR ARE YOU A BERMUDA RESIDENT who’d love to get out on the water every now and then but don’t want the hassle and expense of owning your own boat? This is a great activity to book when friends and family visit.



· Emergency-use cell phones. Probably the single best feature for eliminating needless worries and rescues. Our customers can contact us instantly in the event of any kind of problem or concern. If lost, they can call us before they get too far off course for instant guidance. As a result, we never have to go looking for our boats. Why didn’t anyone else think of it?
· Electric Start engines. As of June 2008 we are the first to offer more than 30hp motors in keeping with the recently revised policy concerning the maximum engine size allowable on rental boats.
· Oversized fuel tanks (15-20 gallons rather than the 6 gallon tanks standard elsewhere). Our boats NEVER run out of fuel.
· Rigid, hard-mounted 3ft long swim ladders (easier and safer to use than the removable type that hook over the side)
· Large shady canopies to keep the sun off.
· Noodles (swim floats) so you don’t have to lug along your own.
· A bag of bread to feed the fish out at the Vixen!
· More space!

Up to 12 person capacity! (10 adults based on 185 lbs. per person)
Restroom & changing room* facilities.
Cushioned seats and seat backs.
Kid-safe lockable gates and enclosed deck area.
*For small people, contortionists and the extremely-modest only.


Though it is sometimes helpful, NO BOATING EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY (but common sense is a pre-requisite!). Our Customers receive 20-30 minutes (depending on their comfort level) of instruction and orientation from an experienced licensed captain (more than 30 years experience) so that by the time they depart they have a better than average pontton1understanding of boating basics and where they are headed. Our on-board laminated snorkel guides and maps are informative and easy to follow and have been designed specifically for our rental business to maximize our customers’ experience. This instruction session is then backed up with an on board cell phone which keeps the renter only a call away from several avenues of live assistance. We’re always ready to help!

We operate from the Hamilton area. At the hub of all forms of public transportation. Pick up is from Barr’s Bay Park at the West end of Front St. (on the Hamilton Waterfront). Click on photo/Map at right to view pick up points for rentals. Click Here for more information on how to find us

Directions to Barr’s Bay from Hamilton Ferry Terminal:

Keeping harbor to your left,  walk across the Bank of Bermuda (HSBC, the big white building) walk 100 yards and look over the wall and you will see Barr’s Park.  Enter park through gate and look for a boat with a RED CANOPY. NOTE: There is NO office. we deliver our boats into this dock. We will meet you there with your boat. It is important to call if the weather changes as I might not be able to contact you. 441-236-2200



Adult capacity is based on an average per person
weight of no more than 185 lbs average

. Please inquire about restrictions when

(VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX.Cash accepted)

Credit card required for confirmation.

Please call with Credit Card number, as we do not accept cards on this site or in an email


Max Capacity: 10 adults


Economical, electric start, High thrust 50hp motor
with power trim

Console with Porta-Potti!
The first and only rental boats with toilet facilities!
Console controls (remote steering, electric start etc)
Cushioned seats and seat backs for up to 12
Water access: 3 foot long rigid ladder
Large shady canopy
21′ x 8′ deck space (168 square feet)
Cell phone & Basic First aid kit
Noodles & One large, one medium size cooler (ice available
at cost price
from marina)


Weekday Weekends/Holidays
Up to 4 hours (half day)** $253 $253
7 or 8 hours (full day) $440 $440

*Fuel is not included in the above rates. Each rental begins with a full oversized tank of fuel and you pay a per liter charge for what you use. (The per liter rate varies according to pump prices and includes oil). Feel free to enquire when booking, about current average $ fuel consumption. Rates May be subject to change.

**Half Day (4 hr) rentals may not span the middle of the day unless the renter is prepared to pay the full day rate (except in the off-season).

Morning reservations: 9:00am, 9:30 or 10:00am.
Afternoon reservations: 2:00pm, 2:30 or 3:00pm.
(You will be booked to arrive 30 minutes before the start of your rental to receive instruction/orientation. You will have a full 4 or 8 hrs of time on the water from actual start time unless you require in excess of 30 minutes of instruction time or arrive late.)


BOOKING – CALL (441) 236-2200

RESERVATIONS MUST NORMALLY BE MADE BY THE PREVIOUS EVENING FOR MORNING BOAT RENTALS. Weekends are especially busy – book early to avoid disappointment!
A valid credit card number (visa, mastercard or amex) is required in order to reserve a boat (by phone or fax only. Do not email credit card info! (48 hours prior to the rental a hold will be placed on the card for the full rental fee. This hold can be released if cash payment is received or if the weather forces a cancellation, OR settled if credit card payment is preferred – so it makes sense to provide the details of the card you intend to pay with after your rental.)
Call (441) 236-2200 (7:30am-9:00pm)
Or email us: (however it is better to CALL in mid-season as we are too busy to check emails regularly, otherwise you might miss out on the boat you want on the date you want it!)

Please call about a possible deposit on our boats

Except in the event of unsuitable weather (weather call must be made within 2 hours of rental by an Aquatic Bermuda’s Captain Tony), if notice of cancellation is received within the periods outlined below, or if you do not arrive for your rental on the day, the full rental rate will be retained from the credit card used to hold the reservation. If you are late arriving for your rental please call to inform us. if you are more than 30 minutes late and we have had no communication from you, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation without further notification.

Weekday rentals – 48 hours (2 days) notice of cancellation required
Weekend rentals – 96 hours (4 days) notice of cancellation required
Holiday rentals – 7 days notice of cancellation required

Q: “So what should I do if the weather forecast looks bad for the day I have booked?”

A: As long as you are not within the cancellation period, you have the opportunity to cancel with no penalty if you are truly doubtful that the weather will be nice enough. However, we strongly discourage you from doing this simply because very often the forecast is incorrect and the day might end up perfect! In this case, If you cancelled several days prior, then you will have lost out on a good day. WE DO NOT CHARGE you if you cannot go because of bad weather, If I would not take my children out, I will not rent to you. The best time to make the final decision is within 2 hours of the start of your rental when the forecast is most accurate. If you cancel before that time within the cancellation period then you will be charged the cancellation fee outlined above.