Captain Tony

Michel (Tony) Crockwell-Laurent


Tony-on-micHalf French, half Bermudian, a graduate of Warwick Academy in Bermuda and attendee of Baruch College in New York, Tony almost ended up being an accountant! But In 1984, at the age of 22 he discovered his calling in life as a tour guide andhas worked full-time in the tour boat industry ever since. It took him only one season to conclude that the Captain had the best job on the boat and obtained his Marine and Ports Engine Driver’s and Pilot’s licenses in 1986.


His career as a tour boat Captain began in one of the most demanding arenas: Night Glass Bottom cruises (fraught with risk and notoriously difficult to achieve customer satisfaction). The huge success of his work for Looking Glass Cruises helped fund the construction of the world’s second tour submarine at a cost of over 4.5 million dollars! Since then his piloting and cruise coordinating experience has spanned virtually the full spectrum of water-based activities offered in Bermuda and firmly established him as one of the most knowledgeable tour guides in the industry. He has, at one time or another, skippered almost every tour boat on the island for just about every tour boat operator. His dedication to the industry has been inspired by a devout love of Bermuda and an all-consuming desire to provide passengers, who could just have easily chosen to embark upon a different tour, with the most worthwhile experience they could possibly get during their stay.


He is best known for his comprehensive  and well-researched knowledge of all things pertaining to Bermuda and for his wonderfully adlib delivery style, cramming an astounding amount of information into a understandable and entertaining package that sincerely respects the intelligence of his listeners. His constant insistence for higher standards, attuned handle on the changing industry and vision for increasing the profitability of past employers have made him best-suited for self-employment. Somehow, after all these years (32 and counting), his enthusiasm for his career has remained un-jaded!





Christopher Sequeros


P1010410aThe youngest of Tony’s 5 brothers Chris has been making a living in Spain as a Reggae DJ for the last 4 or 5 years. From Salamanca to Ibiza, the party’s where Chris is. When he’s not seducing Spanish girls with his Bermudian-accented Spanish, he comes home to give us a hand with our boat rentals. He can be remarkably responsible when he has to.








‘Captain Rowdy’

(Boat Rat)


bermuda_logoCaptain Rowdy evolved from a T-shirt Tony bought in France several decades ago. Originally, he had horns, a forked tail and a trident in his fist but his wicked grin was so endearing, the t-shirt was loved for many years after it’s useful life-span. About 8 years ago he was lifted from the shirt before it disintegrated completely and modified into a ‘Boat Rat’ as the mascot for our future business (Aquatic Bermuda did not yet exist).  He bares a distinct resemblance to Tony (in his irresponsible and fun-loving youth) except that Tony usually kept his pants on while partying.


Captain Rowdy’s motto (a hangover from his days as a t-shirt) is:  “I want YOU!” , or rather:   “Je vous veux!”. Though It should probably be more like “We NEED you!” because we really do! But his social skills aren’t too refined. You can probably tell by his dress sense.


You might have noticed that Captain Rowdy has accessorized his look with a glass of swizzle. This is the only clue* we’ll give you about where you can find the best Swizzle in Bermuda. If you book a charter, it’s worth mentioning that you’d like to sample it and get the recipe! You pay cost price for the ingredients and captain Rowdy will do the rest! The leftovers (if there are any, Hah!) go home with you.


* OK, I added some more clues in the photo gallery of ‘things to do’